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The ways ideas can be communicated (Module 3 Skype session 04/12/18 @ 5pm)

Yesterday we had our last module 3 Skype session before the final submission with the topic 'the ways ideas can be communicated'. We all spoke about where we currently are with our research after having received feedback on our drafts and asked any questions we still had as well as discuss our artefacts. Some important points I picked out from the conversation were: -To remember that although the research is about our practice both our report and our artefact need to use language and terms that can be widely understood and not only by those working in the same industry. -To see the artefact not as a "translation" of the academic paper but as a way to communicate things in a way that is not possible to do in the written report. -It is OK and encouraged to mention the artefact in the critical reflection since the critical reflection is about our whole journey even if it is part of the report. -Be clear on what ideas you want to communicate with your artefact and w

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